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May 14, 2019 Wood Bed

White Wood Bed: Give Them Color

White wood bed – There are many reasons why white is still one of the fundamental colors in the decoration of bedrooms. To begin with, the white furnitures are brighter and bring a certain sense of peace and tranquility. They perfect to ensure a quality rest. In addition, white is a color that never goes out of style. And also can be combined with all kinds of textures and materials, as well as very different styles.

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But, sometimes, an exclusively white wooden bed frame can be too impersonal and aseptic. If you would also like to introduce another color through a striking element that incorporates a contrast point to focus attention with character, you can add something simple. Like a sheet or a painting in which more intense tones predominate. Or an accessory in some pastel tone or fluorine.

Simple black cushions have been placed on the bed to give the immaculate white beds a different, more sophisticated and elegant touch. The black serves here to highlight the strength of the white. And although it seems almost imperceptible. If we removed those two black cushions on the bed, the decoration of the room would look very different. Finally, the bouquets with interspersed white and pink flowers enhance the unspotted appearance of the white bed with a slightly darker tone.

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