Why Does The Smoke Send Out An 8 Chimney Cap?

Nov 27th

8 chimney cap – If we have a chimney that last year worked perfectly, and this year, when we went to turn it all the smoke went out into the room where we have installed, the most probable cause in these cases is that we have made a Nest the birds and we are plugged the duct. We also found, a case where a plastic bag had been put in the flue and also did not let the smoke out, and another case that we have found is that a customer. Put a wire mesh to prevent them from entering the birds.

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But this had been plugged, by the accumulation of sand and soot, and did not let the smoke out. If the smoke gets into the room, just when you are lighting the 8 chimney cap, and therefore the appliance is cold, and the smoke pipe as well. This happens, because the smoke, tries to move the air that is on top of it inside the smoke duct

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But as it is colder, than the air of the room where we have installed the 8 chimney cap, it looks for the road that less costs to him, and Get inside. When the chimney and the pipes have already been heated, we see that the smoke stops coming into the room, and has a correct shot.

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