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May 14, 2019 Wood Bed

Wood and Upholstered Bed Ideas

Wood and upholstered bed – Making a header from scratch takes bedroom decor with the highest level of personal taste. Picking fabrics shapes and placement is a designer’s dream that anyone can do. Being as elaborate as you want or so simple, by the head is a matter of style. Which way works best in your room? Will a pattern fabric work with the curtains as well as the comforter? The answers are in your own room, so do a little creative thinking and planning before you start.

Measure the size of the bed. Two inches added to the width is normal for a headboard. The height should be conducive to the purpose of the header. If you sit and read in bed, the head should be higher than if you do not. The form must also be considered. Most of the headers are rectangular whereas an ornate shape is likely to be larger in the center of the header. Cut the plywood in the way you selected with a jigsaw. Soften the edges with a sanding block.

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Place the wrong side of the fabric down on a flat surface. Place the wood on top of the fabric. Draw the outline with a pencil. Add at least six inches all the way around the fabric. This will give you a lot of fabric to upholster with. Run the punt out the same as the one on the cloth. Draw the outline without extra hitting. Cut the batting as close to the shape of the wood as possible. The fabric stays in place. Smooth the fabric flat, wrong up. Place batting in next, followed by wood.

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