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May 14, 2019 Wood Bed

Wood Bed Leg with A Few Tips!

Wood bed leg – Making a bed out of wood yourself has a few challenges, but in principle it is possible to make it yourself, just think of the well-known stack of pallets on which you put a mattress on. On this page I will tell you what exactly is involved in making a wooden bed, with a few tips! You need a lot of space to make a bed.

The public workplace is therefore a good place to make your bed. There is plenty of space, and not unimportant: the necessary knowledge of the people there. And the tools that not everyone has at home! In order not to be repeat, you can look at the other furniture. Such as the coffee table or the wooden chair, to see how you can work for the basics: the preparation and the connections with pull-in nails.

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So, if you have drawn the design of the bed, two things will play a role. The wood connections that you see how you turn or turn will encounter, and the firmness / balance of the bed, because it will have to be able to carry the full weight of two people! Check our gallery to inspire you!

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