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October 2, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Wood Panel Wall Decor Interior

Wood panel wall decor in furnishings is a perfectly acceptable practice for your home. The appearance of dark wood furniture against light bamboo flooring in the living room or dark mahogany flooring in a kitchen filled with light birch cabinets is both sophisticated and timeless. Experiment with a blend of wood colors in your home to create a balance between bright and dark features that glides your interior.



Surround your wall TV with a dark wood color entertainment center. Paint the wood panel wall decor behind the entertainment center a lighter color to give contrast. Select a medium to light wood color for hard floors to showcase the rich richness of the entertainment center. The lighter the color of the wooden floor, the more striking your entertainment center is. Coordinate all other wooden tables or chairs in the room with entertainment center. The wood does not have to be the same color or style, but choosing a darker painted wood will work well with light walls and hardwood floors.

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Mix wood colors in your kitchen with light top cabinets like birch or maple and dark underside like cherry or dark oak. Select a tile backsplash that combines both lighter and darker shades of whatever wood panel wall decor you choose. For example, if you choose to mix cherry and maple, then shades of wine red and beige in backsplash tiles. You can also mix your two wood colors together with countertops and floors. Select a maple, bamboo or light oak wood floor to connect the bright color of your upper cabinet to the lower part of your kitchen.

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