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November 6, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Wood Paneling Walls Decorations

Wood paneling walls can add elegance to a room as well as a warm feel. You can use wood paneling to mark certain areas of your room, hide flaws and camouflage wires. Some of the more popular areas to increase with wood panel living rooms, foyers, dining rooms and stairs. Wooden panel is popular not only for its appearance, but also because it is easy to maintain.

Mix and match your Woods

Wood paneling walls comes in different shapes and wood. Consider using panels made of jute, bamboo or deciduous trees. You can try different types of wood panels in different rooms in your home, or use two or three different types in a color contrast room. Some of the more expensive wood panels have a veneer that consists of beautifully grained hardwood.

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Print Pattern

Look for stylized wood paneling walls to add character and depth to a room. You may want a raised wooden panel for a formal area. If you have a more relaxed area, such as a room with a country or cottage feel, you may want to look at breadboard panels. Wooden panel also comes in a variety of modern options. When decorating uses wood panels, you want to consider how thick tabs your wood paneling is. The veneer is a layer of superior wood glued to a base made of poorer wood.

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